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Mr. Salomon Weingarten

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Weingarten has a vast experience in managing large-scale, cross border projects. He previously served as the risk manager of an international consulting firm, and held a position at the legal department of a multinational in the pharmaceutical sector. Mr. Weingarten has an LLB in law and speaks 5 languages.
Mr. Jose Antonio Perez Prieto

Chief Electric Engineer

Mr. Perez Prieto has more than 20 years in the design, installation, and maintenance of various large governmental strategic facilities in the electronics and security sector, internationally. Mr. Perez Prieto has managed joint projects with multinationals such as Schneider, Hikvision and Verint.
Mr. Hafid Thani

General Council

Mr. Thani is one of Dubai’s leading Emirati legal practitioners in jurisprudence and legislative drafting. He is an expert of media, technology, and finance, and is highly regarded for his advisory services and development of cutting-edge infrastructure focused on corporate and commercial compliance and preservation.
Mr. Tom Dror

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Dror has held several positions at international consulting firms and has experience with different types of due diligence. His expertise includes project evaluation, market research, risk and investments analysis, compliance, and strategic planning. Mr. Dror holds a B.A degree in Economics and Sustainability and an MBA oriented at Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Ms. Manuela Matkovic

Office Manager

AH Mining

We target mining investment opportunities in a diversity of phases. The AH Mining Team has a wealth of technical and financial experience with significant in-house expertise in the fields of geology, mine engineering, metallurgy, mining finance, due diligence and private equity. AH Mining aims to grow a strong and diversified investment portfolio focusing on quality assets managed by high caliber teams. The team’s experience, coupled with a strong network of relationships in the mining industry, enables us to add long-term value to its investments through technical input, strategic guidance, financial solutions and industry introductions. AH Mining aims to work collaboratively with its partners through a long-term partnership-type approach.

AH Global

We are a “one stop shop” for governmental and law enforcement related technology. We offer a unique combination of extensive field experience, innovative technologies, and deployment capabilities in order to deliver the best results for our clients. Our solutions include equipment, technologies, methodologies, and services to help you meet your most mission-critical tactical needs and combine all relevant fields of intelligence and security. We provide thorough trainings so that these solutions will be easy to deploy and that your teams will be effective, efficient, and highly skilled in their operation. Our executives, engineers and operators are all veterans from various elite military units with vast field and technological experience.

Our Mission is to offer the national authorities the tools based on technology designed, developed and implemented exclusively by AH Global Technologies and offer complete security solutions for national assets, thus achieving safer cities and countries for the benefit of the general population.



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25th Floor,
South Tower, Emirates Financial Towers,
Dubai International Financial Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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